Cover songs

This page represents my attempt to force myself to improve my singing as I struggle to write some actual songs, and design a real web page.
So far, it's a losing battle.

I continually update the mp3s as I grow disgusted listening to my previous performances. The numbers in each file name are the date I recorded each particular atrocity. I suppose eventually, I will have a collection of cover songs I can be proud of. Until then, I appreciate any critiques of my singing. Let me know what you think. Be brutal. Please. It'll help me improve.

Songs are listed in roughly reverse chronological order. Older versions of a song will disappear as new versions are recorded, unless I thought that the new version was not necessarily an improvement, in which case an older version may still be available. Some day in the future, I'll get around to scripting this crap so I don't have to do this manually. Don't hold your breath.

Acoustic covers (yes, that's me singing and playing the guitar at the same time)
The Silent Man (2/28/03)
[Dream Theater]
so after nearly a year, I've finally recorded a new take. I was hoping to have some new songs covered, but that ended up not panning out. I think I've improved since my last take on this song.
No Excuses (5/8/02)
[Alice in Chains]
wow. Exactly one month of void. I actually started laying down the tracks for this a couple weeks ago. I just dilly-dallied with some of the guitar overdubs. Oh, and I cheated on this one; I recorded the guitar and vocals seperately. Anyway, I did this as sort of a tribute to Layne Staley, the singer of Alice in Chains who died recently... one of the few times I've felt something from hearing about the death of a musician.
Crush (4/8/02)
[Dave Matthews]
One of the few unabashed love songs I'm willing to sing. The guitar arrangement is the one Dave Matthews uses when he sings this song without the band. Sorry, no Tim Reynolds overdubs.
So Much To Say (4/8/02)
[Dave Matthews]
Happens to be the song that made me want to learn how to play guitar, and eventually play and sing at the same time. It was a couple years before I was able to pull it off with this song.
The Silent Man (4/8/02)
[Dream Theater]
Something about the musician in me is overly intimidated by the prospect of covering Dream Theater, but well, I guess it wasn't as bad as I originally imagined. Includes nifty harmony vocal and guitar solo overdubs.

I used to have some mp3s of me singing over karaoke'd tracks from the original recording, but after a bit of a run in with my ISP (most likely related to recent RIAA tyranny), I decided I would stay out of the legal grey zones, as far as the RIAA is concerned. Until the ASCAP starts complaining about songwriting royalties for cover songs, I will still post mp3 covers that I record and produce in entirety.